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Scan or Import Directly to the Cloud

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ccScan® Standard

ccScan® Advanced

Scan or Import to the Cloud with ccScan, a popular document scanning application for an ever expanding list of cloud-based CRMs, Content Management, and File Sharing systems.Add Business Process Automation features to process documents with minimal or no human activity beyond setup. Create workflows for both paperless and paper-based offices.
Eliminate Time-Consuming Manual Steps of scanning locally, naming the document, creating the folder in the Cloud, and then manually uploading the document. ccScan does it all in one, customizable step.Run unattended jobs to import electronic faxes and attach them automatically to existing or newly created Salesforce records based on information extracted from barcodes and/or OCR text pattern searches.
Set Properties for Cloud-Based Documents Instantly at scanning time instead of updating properties after documents are stored in the Cloud. Automatically populate custom columns when scanning documents to a SharePoint Document Library or List. Create folders and name documents on the fly in other providers.

Benefits -- All ccScan Products

  • Scan Directly to the Cloud – no extra steps

  • Manual, automated, and unattended operations

  • Set Cloud properties: description, tags, private/public

  • Automatically name documents and folders;
    fill index fields using text pattern searches with OCR

  • Configurable UI: decide on fields users view or enter

  • Speed-up manual data entry with AutoComplete

  • Create regular, searchable, and password-protected PDFs

  • Share a scanner in "kiosk" mode with automatic logout

  • Separate documents using barcodes or patch codes

  • Bulk Import thousands of files directly to Cloud folders

  • Annotate or redact content, insert and delete pages

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